About Us

Our Name

Petaluda means butterfly in Greek.

Owner Gemma Dunthorne wanted to have a unique name that represented beauty and femininity. It was proving difficult to find a name that hadn’t already been taken.

Gemma looked at words in multiple languages but it was team member Bessie (who is Greek) that came up with a few options in Greek.

Petaluda was the perfect fit!

Meet Our Owner

Gemma Dunthorne is an experienced retail business owner. Having spent several years in solely swimwear, Gemma found herself buying in more and more clothing pieces for her swimwear store.

There were so many amazing fashion pieces available, but not all would have looked at place in a swimwear shop. So she branched out and created a stand-alone online clothing & accessories boutique – Petaluda Clothing.

Gemma wanted to create an online boutique that had a specially curated collection of on-trend fashion pieces. She also wanted to ensure that prices remained reasonable.

" Looking good makes you feel good, fashion should be attainable to everyone, no matter your pay bracket! "
Gemma Dunthorne
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